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We have compiled a list below of the most frequently asked questions about our free website offer. Please review them for a quick education on how to start a website business.

If you have any further questions, please contact us via e-mail.

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How long has Atlas Business Concepts been in this business?
ABC started in the telecommunications business since 1996. ABC was instrumental in contributing to the popularity of revenue generating Psychic, Sports and Datline 900 numbers. We started developing our free websites since January 2000. We have sold thousands of websites and 900/800 numbers. We were one of the first companies to offer online Casinos and Sportsbooks in a turnkey website for sale.

Are the websites really Free?
Yes! The websites are free, howver, there are monthly fees involved to keep the websites operational and online. We will provide you with your choice of a domain name, a beautiful 3-6 page website (number of pages depends on the content you select), the single content of your choice, set-up of your hosting and vendor accounts, initial marketing, access to website statistics and online marketing tools plus much more. We charge no set-up fees for this. All we ask is to be paid for hosting and maintaining your website, providing the content for the website and making the statistics available to you. You receive all this for as low as $25 per month. We do require the first and last months fee be paid in advance.

Now... some may say our offer is not really free because they'll have to pay for something even if it is not the website itself. Our take on this is if someone gives us a vehicle (let's say a truck equipped to clean pools ) and we need to pay that someone to keep the truck running well for us and we need to pay to put gas into it to drive it where we need to... Did we still not get the truck for free? The site is yours. You own it. You can sell it, will it, lease it, etc.

Click here for a list of all our programs and hosting prices.

Do I need to make a long-term commitment to the hosting fee?
Absolutely not! You are required to pay your first and last month's hosting fee in advance. That's just $98. This covers you for your first two months to start promoting your business on the internet. After that, you are only required to pay the $49 per month. Discounts of 50% are also available for prepaid hostig fees. You can cancel at any time after the first two months.

How will I know when my website is completed?
You will be sent a website completion notice along with all urls and links to marketing help and resources, online stats, online revenue, bonus items, user names and passwords.

Are other companies making similar offers?
There may be, however, in our extensive research, we have not found another company making the same FREE opportunity available for the websites that we offer. There are companies that will set-up similar website businesses, however, they charge between $395 and $995 for set-up and then a monthly fee on top of that.

How much money can I make?
Below are some projections soley based on estimates of proposed sales. These are for display purposes only. Your actual profits are directly related to and contingent upon the success of the marketing you employ for your website business.

Our online adult megasite offers memberships for only $39.95 per month... and you will get paid 60% of that... approximately $24 per signup!

Only two signups per day will generate monthly income to you of approximately $1400
10 signups per day would generate monthly income of $7000!

Statistic indicate that the average online gambler will lose about $250. Our casinos pay you a percentage of at least 40% of the profits from your website

Let's say you get two signups per day. Let's also say that only half of those lose their bets. Based on the average loss mentioned above, this will generate monthly income to you of approximately $3000

How does your affilate program work?
It is really rather simple. You decide that you want to become an affiliate of Free Website Center (FWC). On the order page where you order your own turnkey website, there will be a check box asking you to become an affiliate. Once your website order is processed, we will set up the accounts for your website as well as an affiliate account at FWC . We will then produce a unique tracking code that will be placed on your website attached to a link or a banner.

Your website will function in a dual capacity. 1) You can generate revenue from your website by promoting and marketing your website business to get people there to buy your products or participate in your service.2) You can generate additional revenue if one of your visitors decides that they may want to get their own website from FWC. That is when the affiliate program kicks in. If your visitor clicks on a banner or link, from your website, with your embedded tracking code in it and arrives at the FWC website, they are now being tracked to your affiliate account. If they order anything from FWC you will earn a commission, of up to 50%, from the sale. (commission percentages varies based on the product) You can track your commissions report online 24 hours a day.

How can Atlas Business Concepts afford to give me a free website?
We have a library of web page designs, templates and images that we have accumulated over the years. We build your website from these. This enables us to save in development costs that would normally be passed along to you. We then merge your website with a program or product from a vendor that we have developed a relationship with over the years. They specialize in your content choice and operate these programs and services full time as their main business. We will then register your website with the search engines. We do that for you at our expense. We rely on the monthly hosting fee (similar to AOL) to generate revenue for the company.

Do I have to pay my monthly hosting fee by credit card?
No! We can make other arrangements to receive payment by money order, check or bank wire.

Why do you ask for the first and last month of hosting up front?
This becomes a matter of accounting and avoiding potential issues in collecting for services provided. If we sent out an invoice for 30 days of hosting after the hosting was provided, we would still continue to be hosting the website while the invoice was in the mail, being delivered, while we were waiting for a payment back and possibly for a check to clear. So we could actually be providing services for 45 to 60 days without receiving payment for the original 30 days. If we do not get paid on an invoice then, it is a real problem for us as that is how we derive income.

Paying for the first and last month of hosting fees up front totally eliminates this potential problem. Your first 30 days starts when your website goes live. You have already paid for the following 30 days. After the first 30 days is up, you will have another hosting fee due while still keeping one month in reserve. If you do not pay the hosting fee that is then due, your 30 days in reserve goes into effect. If we do not receive another hosting fee from you, the site is removed at the end of the next 30 day period and you owe us nothing further. This means that we eliminate the need for any billing after services are provided.

How much money can I make with my website business?
How much you make is entirely up to you. Advertising and the promotion of your website will ultimately determine the number of sales or memberships that you receive. As with any business, it is wise to continue to explore as many avenues for advertising that are available to you and implement them. The beauty of our FREE offer is that you can save the normal set-up fees and apply them to promote your online business.

How do I know how much money I am making?
You will have access to online statistics 24 hours a day to see your revenue.

Are the websites you give us basic template websites?
No! The websites we provide our clients are semi-custom. This is because we personalize each website. Each site is graphically enhanced with beautiful design, website name and high quality images. (see samples on the products page)

Do I have control over my website and domain name?
Yes! You have total control. We register the domain name on your behalf. You have full rights to its ownership. Same with the website. You can sell, will or transfer the domain or site at your discretion based on the terms and conditions within.

Can I modify pages on my website and add banners or links.?
Providing you have the knowledge or applications to make changes, you may be given access to the pages on our server..

How do I get paid and by whom?
Atlas Business Concepts will set up an account with the vendor whose content you select. The account will be in your name with payment to be made directly to you. Click here for payout amounts. Atlas Business Concepts does not touch your funds except in the case of the 900/800 numbers. We are the client of record for those numbers via our service bureau.

Am I limited to your turnkey website offer?
No! Atlas Business Concepts can build virtually any type of website. We can combine content, build custom pay sites, develop online casino and sportsbooks, etc. Interested? We can consult with you personally on designs and costs.

Will I receive assistance in marketing my website?
Yes! This offer does include registration with over 1200 search engines and directories (one time submission), yet as with any business, advertising is essential. You can implement any type of marketing you choose. We provide you with access to our online tips and tools. In addition, we also have marketing plans that you can purchase to help grow your internet business.

What is the main obstacle preventing me from generating revenue on the internet with my website?
#1 IS GETTING STARTED! In other words, the obstacle may be you and your hesitation or procrastination to move forward. You will never change the way things are unless you create change. You cannot ever get to second base unless you are willing to take your foot off of first base. So, get started!

Can I talk to a real person at ABC?
EASY! Just telephone us at 1-800-807-3683 - Monday thru Friday 8AM to 5PM Pacific Time

Can I cancel my website if I need or want to?
Yes! Sure! All cancellations must be received by ABC via, mail, fax or e-mail. (Not by phone) Once a cancellation is received, the last 30 days of prepaid hosting will go into effect and the website will be removed at the end of that period.

What have you been waiting for?

What are you waiting for?

Why haven't you started anything on the internet to date? For the past 10 years, the internet is what almost everyone has been talking about and fortunes have been made.

When would be a good time to start your own internet business for FREE?

What's wrong with right now?

If you are now searching for reasons why you should not start today, you are in trouble. Remember, however, that the only one who can improve the way things are in your life today, is YOU! And... YOU are the only one to blame for things staying the same.


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